Incubators and Hatchers

We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of new and second hand incubators, spares and accessories including Western, Bristol, Marcon, Marsalles and Maino brands. They are of course too numerous to list completely but please get in touch with us to find out about prices and availability.
Below you will find a selection of some of the products and accessories that we usually stock.

Disinfectants & Hygiene Products

Egg Washers

Disease Control


Medicines & Vitamins

Water Sanitiser

The new range of products to the game world has been developed for over thirty in the demanding pig, poultry and equine markets and has proven 99.9% effective at killing bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores using the unique power of Chlorine Dioxide

Coccisol Activator

This product will penetrate oocysts and destroy the causative agent of coccidiosis. If you have had an outbreak of cocci, or simply want to prevent one, use Coccisol Activator in conjunction with Game Guard disinfectant to destroy both live protozoa and the dormant oocysts.


Vitamin supplements are invaluable aid to healthy thriving chicks when used at day old or during disease challenge or prior to and after handling.


Standard Polythene – UV Stabilised, Top Quality, British Made
Gamenet – Rigid Polyprop netting for release pens.
Rabbit Netting – Various sizes and Ranges available
Intruder Alarms, Netting Pliers, Hog Rings and Release Pens.
Wire Ties and Tie Tools, Galvanised Straining Wire and many many more fencing accessories available in our Leominster shop.

Brooders, Feeders & Drinkers

Gas Brooders