Here at Game & Country Leominster we stock a huge range of Cartridges and other Ammo, please pop by the shop and explore.

Everything from 21g to 50g.

Below you will find list and brief description a few of the brands we stock, please give us a call to check what we have in stock on the day.

Gamebore Cartridges

British based and made – Gamebore have built their prestigious reputation on decades of experience and are driven by the desire and ability to produce the best.

We usually stock: Black Gold, Dark Storm, Regal Diamond Shot, Pigeon Extreme, White Gold

RC Cartridges

RC offers a complete range of game cartridges to satisfy all hunting needs.

The use of the best components and the passion for what they create ensure maximum consistency of performance in any hunting situation.

We usually stock: Professional Game, Prestige, Sipe Extreme, HPF3, S4 T1 ½”, RC Prestige Sipe, JK6

Hull Cartridges

The Game Cartridge of the Year 2012 as voted by The Field, Shooting Gazette, Sporting Gun, Shooting Times. Perfect for partridge, glorious for grouse. Particularly suitable for fine English game guns. Powerful in the field yet comfortable on the shoulder.

We usually stock: High Pheasant Extreme, Imperial Game, Three Crowns, Driven Grouse, CompX, Pro Piston, Steel Game, Standard High Pheasant, Super Fast

Lyalvale Express

The Supreme Range of cartridges were introduced in 1994 as the “Flagship” game cartridge, developed to meet the demands for a Game Cartridge which would achieve good patterns and velocity at long distances. Single base progressive powders ensure very low recoil and low pressures at very high velocities.

We usually stock: Supreme Game, Supreme High Game


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